Yin & Yang, 2019 
graphite & acrylic spray on 75" x 29" scroll

Final work of art for Kristine Schomaker's Perceive Me project and catalogue.

This is a traveling exhibit with 60 other figurative artists starting

at the Ronald H Silverman Gallery, Cal State LA 

Jan 25 - Feb 24, 2020


My scroll process


I order my scrolls from China so thank-you to the hardworking laborers in China for making these. 

They come as one piece with the fabric and paper.  I start with the graphite portrait and render it very lightly, building up my darker tones as erasing is minimal due to the fact the paper can tear so easily.

I hand design and cut my stencils for the layering of the acrylic spray sections. The halo/band right above her head with the yellow arch has 5 different stencils in just that small area alone.

Since hours have already gone into the graphite portrait, using the spray paint is stressful as mistakes are not an option at this point of the creative process with these fragile materials. The stencil for the small, black, beaded section took hours to cut by hand, but felt so good when I lifted the stencil off the paper after spraying it black and nothing had smudged on her breasts as it was my final stencil and I was basically holding my breath right up to the end!

There is a lot of symbolism within this piece of artwork from the sacred number 7 being represented in various imagery to my love of the Venus de Willendorf and her fertile, bountiful beauty, which is estimated to have been created in 30,000 BCE. I love that she has braided hair and is wearing jewelry and was used perhaps as a ritual for female empowerment and fertility.

The Yin & Yang comes from my admiration of eastern thought and philosophies and that we live in a world where opposites are part of the game of life thus the checker board pattern.... and just as we deal with outside forces of good and evil so we battle the inner voices that honor and dishonor us 24-7.

And of course the honeycomb pattern above and below because our lofty lives depend on the lowly female bee working so hard pollinating for us, enabling our health and well-being....while also heralding and bringing awareness to the plight of the bees and the colony collapse disorder.

The sacred female pelvis is floating on its own energy as a powerful life giving force.

The peace sphere is a copy of a favorite piece of jewelry that Kristine often wears and peace is what we have to create in a world of contrasts and chaos for balance and healing.

 And the triangular-style designs at the top where the 3 circles on each of the 6 clover-like stencils equal 18, which is another sacred number for life or chai.

The stunning Perceive Me Art Catalogue is a compilation of all of the 60 artists' works

selected by Kristine Schomaker of Art and Cake